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    foxes are the most important animals on earth

    im going to keep reblogging this until it isn’t cute anymore

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    Just one of those nights/early mornings.

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  3.  A story behind each window

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  4. All windows in the apartment open. Fan on. Music on loud to cover up the neighbor’s noises. Drinking vanilla vodka and coke. 

    Just chillin, enjoying the night. =)

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    this could be us but you playin

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    Serve me all beverages in a beaker so that when people ask what I’m drinking I can say “science”

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  12. Nothing ever goes by plan fully. Often, you can’t plan for things at all. But I do have an idea where I want my future to be. 

    Work - I want to work at Lowe’s for a while. Most likely not forever, but I especially and genuinely enjoy it. It’s a good job. The Lowe’s I work at is in a bit of a new period, due to a new store owner. It’s one of the best in the company in many categories. And they’re doing a lot of changing and updating, and I’m extremely excited to be a part of it. 

    Schooling - I want to go back to school eventually. When I’m financially capable. Lowe’s offers some tuition reimbursement and with my current pay I probably could get some help. I don’t know what I want to study in particular. Psychology? Sociology? Business? I don’t know. I actually miss learning though.

    Living - I live in a kind of crappy apartment complex right now. At the end of June, I’m leaving it for a better apartment complex. This one I live in has unprofessional staff, terrible neighbors, paper thin walls, not to mention way overpriced compared to other options out there.

    Girlfriend - She’s moving in with me to the new apartment, and it can’t come sooner. I’m so excited. We have an awesome life ahead of us, regardless of what others say. 

    Can’t wait to eventually have my own house one day, have my own yard one day. 

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    truest shit on tumblr

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